red crucible 2

Red Crucible 2

Red Crucible 2 has been available to play since 2010.The game can be played with heavy weaponry as well as with standalone soldier mode. To start the game you should first press Start Game button. Then you can play either as a registered member or as a guest. Then press Browse Games. Then to play without any delay choose among the titles of different games options beside My Server in Arena.

Instructions to Play

If the game is not loading in your browser asap click the right button of your mouse in gaming area and select "run this plugin" menu. Here you can play red crucible 2 game two ways – as a guest or as a registered member. For movement use W - forward movement, A - movement to the left, S - backward movement, D - movement to the right or use the relevant arrows. You can look around with rotating mouse. You can crouch using C key, run using Shift or Q, jump using Space, fire a weapon with a left click of a mouse and aim or zoom a weapon with a right click of a mouse. Game play camera mode is adjusted with a letter V, weapon reload is done with R, heavy weaponry can be taken with a letter E. You can easily switch weapons with numbers 1-3.
Also you can use secondary fire option with the right click of a mouse mainly when using heavy weaponry. When in helicopter use Space to take off and letter C to land. You can enter inventory menu of a game with a letter I where you can choose from a selection of weapons in case you have enough coins. Also you can buy coins from this menu. You can use inventory items with keyboard numbers 7-9 and switch loadout with a combination of Alt + numbers 1-8. You can find game statistics with a Tab button.